"The world needs your medicine, woman"

Sarah Durham Wilson

At the 10th International Costa Women Conference

Hi, I'm Marizette

I am a multilingual public speaker, journalist, communication & and self-development coach, mother of two, former model, and entrepreneur, originally from Brazil.

I started working in the audiovisual world early, first in front of the camera as a model and trained actress, later behind the camera working for an award-winning documentary production company.

In 2007, I made the transformative move to Spain and opened a yoga studio, as well as leading feminine circles, supporting women through coaching.

After a traumatic divorce, I spent 6 years helping an international self-development company spread their message across social media platforms in both Brazil and Europe.

My professional trajectory took a pivotal turn when I decided to launch an online school and found that I was so used to spreading someone else's message that I had lost the connection with my own.

I'd lost touch with who I was, full of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. So I started hiding, a mere shadow of my former self.

Instead of sharing my talents, services, and ideas openly on platforms like Instagram, I found myself retreating into isolation, fearing rejection.

The turning point came when I sought help and created a strong support network, which helped me escape from the self-imposed "cave" of doubt, propelling me back into the light.

My journey is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of seeking support, and I am dedicated to sharing these experiences to inspire YOU on your path to personal and professional growth.

Favourite Topics

  • Unleashing Your Inner Medicine: The Wise Wild Feminine Way to Business Success.

  • Embrace Your Star Power: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Build a Strong Online Brand.

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Marizette Martins is a passionate advocate for personal empowerment and authenticity.

A multifaceted speaker, Marizette delves into reclaiming feminine energy, encouraging individuals to own their stories, and guiding them toward confidence and self-empowerment.

With a focus on rediscovering intuition and creative power, Marizette's engaging talks resonate with those seeking inner strength and genuine authenticity.

Her mission is to inspire individuals to reconnect with their true selves, unlocking their potential and radiating confidence in every aspect of their lives.


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